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LCT Centre Roundtable

The LCT Centre Roundtable in Sydney brings together those who are interested in LCT every fortnight during semesters.  It is a friendly and informal forum in which anyone can present their ideas (however nascent), discuss issues, raise questions, present papers, etc.

If YOU would like to lead a Roundtable or want to suggest a topic or reading for discussion, and for more information contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

When and where:

Fridays 12:00 - 1:30pm

Room 148, RC Mills Building, University of Sydney (opposite the LCT Centre rooms).



9 March - Dr Yaegan Doran (LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building) - Further Adventures in Translation Devices for English Discourse
23 March : Mathew Toll (LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building) - Climate Sceptic Blogosphere: Explanatory or Axiological power?
13 April - Dr Helen Georgiou, University of Wollongong
27 April - Elena Lambrinos (LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building)
11 May - Dr Eszter Szenes and Dr Namali Tilakaratna (Learning Centre, University of Sydney, and National University of Singapore)
25 May - Dr Erika Matruglio (University of Wollongong)
8 June - Associate Professor Sarah Howard (University of Wollongong)


11 Aug - Christine Carroll (Sydney Conservatorium & ACU) - Playing the field: Code clashes in a music classroom

25 Aug - Mathew Toll (LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building) - Constellations of Scepticism: Contesting Climate Science with Hyper-Knowledge Codes

8 Sep - Jodie Martin (LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building) -Scientists Assemble! Creating constellations and training gazes

22 Sep - Hongzhi Veronica Yang (USyd) - Same language, different legitimacy: Comparing Chinese language curricula in Australia and China

6 Oct - Eszter Szenes & Namali Tilakaratna (Learning Centre, University of Sydney, and National University of Singapore) - Critical reflection

20 Oct - Daniel O’Sullivan & Richard Ingold (Navitas Australia & Monash University) - English for Academic Purposes

3 Nov - Sarah K. Howard (UoW) - Science animations

10 Mar - Elena Lambrinos - Knowledge and knowing in ballet education: Disciplining the dance and the dancer

24 Mar  - Yaegan Doran and Karl Maton - Semantic gravity: A translation device for revealing context-dependence of knowledge in discourse

7 Apr - Jennifer Blunden (UTS) - Game of codes, take two: how project teams shaped the communicative and learning experience of two museum exhibitions

28 Apr - Helen Georgiou (UoW) - Analysing multimodal science presentations with Semantics

12 May - Helen Fraser (Adelaide) - What is an arm? Year 1 medical students negotiate knowledge of technicals in the upper limb

26 May - Sarah Howard & Jodie Martin (UoW) - Touch and Learn? An LCT analysis of touch-based tablet apps for classroom use


5 Aug Erika Matruglio (UoW) Implicit values and invisible knowers: cultivating gazes in senior secondary humanities

19 Aug Karl Maton, Sarah K. Howard (UoW) & Elena Lambrinos (PEAK project) – Autonomy Tours: A key to building knowledge from diverse sources.

2 Sep Saul Richardson How specialisation codes may effect knowledge-building in classrooms

16 Sep Yaegan Doran Seeing constellations: grasping axiology in Australia's 'invasion'

21 Oct Lucy Jones (UTS) – Axiological-semantic density in the humanities


Fri 23 Oct – Karl Maton and Jodie Martin (PEAK Project) – Minions, Middlers and Managers: Knowledge, knowers and social reproduction in History classrooms

Fri 9 Oct – Sue Hood (UTS) - Exploring the dynamics of interaction in a health science lecture: From 'presence' in SFL to 'semantic gravity' in LCT

Fri 18 Sept – Karl Maton and Yaegan Doran (PEAK Project) deliver the finished and final translation devices for analysing discourse in terms of epistemic-semantic density.

Fri 4 Sept – Eleanor Glenn (UTS) on cooking, the LCT way – invaluable insight into how to get from raw data through LCT analysis to the finished product

Fri 21 Aug – Three talks: Mathew Toll, Kirstin Wilmot and Patrick Locke (all PhD students in the Dept of Sociology & Social Policy) introduce their very different work on different topics.

Fri 7 Aug – Saul Richardson: Messing with the magic: Making the invisible visible by using LCT to analyse knowledge-building in jazz education

13 March – Talia Gill (PEAK Project): Picture This! A new tool for using semantic gravity to analyse images

27 March – Sarah Howard and Karl Maton (PEAK Project): Autonomy codes and knowledge-building

17 April – Elena Lambrinos: Shaping Bodies and Movement: Using LCT to explore body pedagogies

1 May – Lucy Jones - “I know it when I see it”: Using cosmologies to analyse doctoral examiner reports

15 May – Sharon Aris:"That's capital!: Using Specialisation to explore what parents seek from a high school education for their children"

29 May – Jodie Martin and Karl Maton (PEAK Project): Temporal codes and knowledge-building


Fri 1 August – Karl Maton: Semantic density: Translation devices for discourse

Fri 15 August - Jennifer Blunden: Postcard from New York: New frontiers and challenges for LCT

Fri 29 August - Karl Maton and Yaegan Doran: Semantic Density: Further adventures in translation devices for empirical research

Fri 12 September  - Elena Lambrinos: Embodied Knowledge and Dance Practice – taking the next step

Fri 26 September - Yaegan Doran: Images and Mathematics as Knowledge-builders in Physics

Fri 17 October - Sherran Clarence: Putting Semantics to work in analysing pedagogic practice: Studies of Law and Political Science

Fri 24 October - Louise Ravelli, Brian Paltridge, Sue Starfield: Diversity in Creative and Performing Arts doctoral writing: a way forward

Fri 30th May – Susan Hood: The lecturing body and learning to mean in the uncommon-sense ways of different disciplines

Fri 16th May – Erika Matruglio: Varyingly visible knowers: Legitimation in Community and Family Studies and Ancient History

Fri 2nd May – Ken Tann: Identity Axiology and Iconography

Fri 11th April – Eleanor Glenn: Using LCT to analyse different understandings of climate change: An example of reverse engineering

Fri 28th March – Margarita Vidal Lizama: Proposing a Framework of Analysis of Popular Education as a Knowledge Practice

Fri 14th March – Karl Maton, Yaegan Doran & Talia Gill: Enacting Semantic Density: A mediating language of description and what it can reveal


Fri 31st May - Sally Humphrey and Jing Hao - 'But that's not English!' Providing a knowledge leg up in a knower culture

Fri 17th May - Jennifer Blunden - UTS - Game of Codes: Informal learning, museums and the pedagogic experience

Fri 3rd May - Eszter Szenes and Namali Tilakaratna - University of Sydney - ‘I confess and hope for redemption’: Critical thinking as ‘self-reflexive praxis’ in Social Work and Business - an LCT and SFL analysis

Fri 19th April - Alexanne Don - Cosmologies, intertextuality and invoking Attitude

Fri 22 March - Elizabeth Thompson - Changing the culture of the Australian Defence Force using LCT

Fri 8th March - Karl Maton - Sydney University - Insights


19 October - Lucy Macnaught - UTS - Right grammar, limited meaning

5 October - Erika Matruglio, UTS - From listing information to building knowledge: CAFS and the semantic wave

7 September - Sue Hood, UTS - Ethnography in the service of building knowers

24 August - Karl Maton, University of Sydney - Everything you always wanted to know about LCT and were not afraid to ask

10 August - Trish Weekes, University of New England - Exploring knowledge and knowers in senior secondary music and business studies; or: why my action research broke

15 June:  Sarah Howard, University of Wollongong - A quantitative language of description: How can we use LCT in mixed methods research?

1 June: Eszter Szenes, University of Sydney - Critical thinking and semantic waves in undergraduate business Country Reports

18 May: Jennifer Blunden, UTS - A Visit to the Gallery with LCT and SFL

4 May:  Yaegan Doran, University of Sydney - Condensation, Gravitation, OR, DR, Mathematics and the Boundaries of Physics

20 April:  Jing Hao, University of Sydney - Relating Semantics to field in Systemic Functional Linguistics

23 March: Helen Georgiou, University of Sydney - Using Semantics to Analyse Students’ Conceptions of Thermal Physics

9 March: Christine Lindstrom - Semantics, Link Maps and Physics


Semester 2 of 2011: Roundtable took a break while the LCT course was being run.

3 June: Jing Hao - Surfing on the texts of undergraduate biology.

20 May: Sue Hood - Telling stories in research papers: Telling differences in gaze

6 May: Karl Maton, J.R. Martin, Erika Matruglio and Lucy McNaught - Waving Not Drowning: Teaching teachers the basis of cumulative learning

8 April: Yaegan Doran - Knowledge and multisemiosis in undergraduate physics

25 March: Karl Maton - More than the narcissism of minor differences: Fiercely-fought struggles and fundamental shifts in intellectual fields (or  ‘And finally ... the 4-K model at long last’)


19 Nov: Sarah Howard - The role of disciplinary knowledge in the Digital Education Revolution (and using LCT in quantitative research)

22 Oct: Erika Matruglio - Knowledge, knowers, language and legitimation: How to mean in school humanities

8 Oct: Tristan Enright - Tracing the rise of neoliberalism

24 Sept: Christine Lindstrom - Mapping the hierarchy: Teaching cumulative learning in physics

10th Sept: Karl Maton - The 4-K model

27th Aug: Shoshana Dreyfus - Multimodality as a marker of verticality

3 Aug: J.R. Martin & Erika Matruglio - LCT, SFL and the case of the broken elevator: Ancient History in schools

28 May: Sue Hood: Legitimating research differently in different intellectual fields: instantiating different knowledge-knower structures

21 May: Jo Lander: analysis of online teaching in Public Health.

14 May: Reconvening and discussion of topics and issues.


6 Nov: Fran Christie - school English, an issue raising all kinds of questions concerning the nature of knowledge and how it should be taught.

23 Oct: Discussion of ideas raised in the 'Knowledge-building' paper, including semantic gravity, semantic density, cosmologies, axiological condensation and constellationality.

25 Sept:  Karl Maton presented 'Knowledge-building', using LCT(Semantics) to analyse the kind of theory that can enable cumulative knowledge and introduces new concepts that address the axiology of fields.

11 Sept: Karl Maton and Erika Matruglio ran a workshop on analysing classroom discourse using ER/SR and SG/SD.

21 Aug:  Sue Hood: using LCT(Specialisation) and SFL to analyse disciplinary writing, specifically the ways in which authors create a warrant for their research in the introduction to research articles.

19 June:  Discussion of LCT(Semantics). Readings: 'Cumulative and segmented learning', and 'Grammars of sociology'.

5 June:  Lucila Carvalho: Using LCT(Specialisation) to analyse design studies, which is a laboratory for code clashes, and then to create an interactive and mobile e-learning environment for informal learning in a Sydney museum.

22 May: Discussion of one strand of LCT(Specialisation). Readings: 'Languages of legitimation' and 'Progress and canons in the arts and humanities: Knowers and gazes'.

1 May: Introductions and discussion of purpose of LCT Roundtable.

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